"We've Got Your 6" Warranty

With the "We’ve Got Your 6" Warranty you’ll know that your Aloha69 gear is guaranteed for a long as you own it. We understand that there are times in your life when there are no laws, or you’re the most interesting man at your party, or maybe you found some blue mountains. When that happens things can get crazy and your shirt might get torn up along with you. Or a simple seam may bust. Who knows. We’ll replace your gear, you just have to follow this checklist. 

  1. Mail your broken item back to us
    1. Include a note telling us your sweet story AND the name of the person who originally purchased your shirt, along with the address we should ship it back to and your email address so we can let you know if we have any questions. 
    2. Send to Aloha69
    3.   Get a tracking number to keep an eye on where your package is to make sure we get it! 
  2. We’ll reach out to you once we get it and give you an ETA on your replacement gear. 


It won’t be a hassle! It won’t be hard for you! We’ll make sure you get back to representing your awesome equipment just as soon as we possibly can. Because… we've got your 6!