Q: How quickly will I get my shirt?

A: Each of our shirts is made to order. This means your shirt will be made when we receive your order. Depending on order volume this can take some time. Please allow 4-6 weeks for order fulfilment. 

Q: What size should I order?

A: Our shirts are made with standard US sizing. However if you're on the fence, the chart below may be helpful:

 Shirt Size

Chest Measurement




38"- 40"


41"- 43"


44"- 46"

XX- Large

47"- 49"


Q: I fly the _____ and you haven't yet made a shirt for that! When will you do that? 

A: With so many airframes we've had to prioritize our production. We're working hard to make them as quickly as possible but it takes time. If you can get a group together that's interested in a design reach out and we'd be happy to discuss moving your platform up our list. You can also check our upcoming page to see what we're planning to work on next.