About Us

Here at Aloha69 we're family owned and operated along with being military owned and operated! 
Aloha69 was born when the family went to visit our aunt and uncle for Christmas and Seamus, an Air Force pilot, got jealous of our uncle's airplane Hawaiian shirt collection. He went looking for a shirt with his aircraft on it and came up with nothing. One night while talking with Shelby, his highly artistic wife, they thought up the idea of Aloha69. When they pitched it to the whole family, Ian, an Army sniper, suggested not just doing Air Force jets but all military equipment. And so it became our mission to make shirts (and eventually other stuff) with military equipment from every branch of the US military so that our nation's bravest and their families can show off the amazing things they get to work with every single day! 
We've worked to build Aloha69 to support the military community and our planet in every way we can. Our shirts are designed and sewn by US military spouses, our fabric is dyed with the most environmentally friendly options out there and our buttons are even made of recycled materials. With more success we aim to contribute to the military charities as well.